lamenting the lack of church

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Re: lamenting the lack of church

Post by ozchris » Thu Oct 23, 2008 11:15 am

Chas wrote:This is a topic I raised a while back and I thought to raise it again as there are new members here and new folks in Hua Hin and who knows, perhaps kindred souls.

Here it is Sunday morning and I am listening to Gregorian chant downloaded from the internet and lamenting the lack of a church to go to in Hua Hin. Part of this is due to the fact that the Catholic Church which I grew up in and which I was a part of no longer really exists except in name. As far as liturgy and the Mass, everything has gone to hell churchwide so it is no surprise to find nothing here. The priests here at St Theresa are nice enough fellows, but I come out of Mass there really, really depressed.

Many of you are C of E ( so I assume by the British overtones and the love of football) and I generally love C of E services. But to my knowledge there is no C of E presence in Hua Hin nor is one planned. I took the step of going to the C of E church in Bangkok a few weeks ago. Delighted with the music and the chance to hear the only pipe organ in Thailand played very well. But I still have not gotten over the shock of watching the priest do the communion service in his street clothes!

Anyway, I welcome any news or notes or discussion. Maybe a traditional priest will happen by and a service arranged? Maybe an old-fashioned hymn sing?

Maybe I should just convert to Buddhism. I seem to attend temple ceremonies more than Mass these days anyway.
Chas yes must agree, the "modern new mass" does leave a lot to be lacks any sense of mystery or sacred space and does leave one totally underwhelmed.

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Post by Chas » Thu Oct 23, 2008 7:04 pm

Totally surprised to see this thread, which I started many moons ago, back on the active list. Since it was hijacked by the usual suspects and taken into really weird directions. .it can actually serve as an excellent example of an HHAD thread running completely off topic. . I kind of gave up on it.

If you want to continue on Buddhist gun battles please start your own thread. Thanks.

For those who just might be interested.. here is an update, but not much is new. I have taken to attending the Thai Mass here in Hua Hin on those rare occasions when I do attend. The music is waaaay better, and just like the old days, I use a Missal ( Latin & English) to follow along. Works just fine. Of course I miss singing the hymns, but then the "farang" Mass here is still in the hands of the Filipino tambourine performers and you cant sing there anyway.

For those of you C of E, I might also report that your local church seems to have gone to hell! IMHO. . . I went back one Sunday ( Christ Church, Bangkok) , following my initial visit, in the hopes of at least hearing the pipe organ played again. No luck. Guitars, drums, amplifiers and folks up there on stools in front of the church ready to perform.. .just like Saturday night at your favorite bar.

The crowning moment was when they lowered a gigantic movie screen in front of the high altar covering it and the cross and the stained glass windows. I do not know what movie they were going to show and I didn't stay to find out. I was out the door before the service started. So much for the C of E.

I actually wrote to the vicar with a few questions and got a very huffy letter back giving me his bona fides and all the details of his lengthy training in Singapore and his authorization. .as if that could explain everything. ( Maybe it does?)

OzChris, as for the Mass schedule here in Hua Hin at Xmas. .who knows.?I doubt they know at this point. .. I believe that they do a midnight mass, but it is most likely in Thai. I have never been. ( After decades of being required to do midnight mass . .as organist, choir director, soloist or choir member. .! find the lustre has somewhat worn off.)

Regular Sunday schedule is 9:00 Thai Mass, 10:30 farang Mass. .and I am pointedly using "farang" as opposed to "English". There is no English congregation. .only tourists who tend to be from Sweden or Denmark.

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Re: lamenting the lack of church

Post by asharat » Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:55 pm

I have traditional Catholic latin masses celebrated by a traditional catholic priest from France in my home in Hua HIn every month.

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