Thai Hotels Association concerned over popularity of Airbnb

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Thai Hotels Association concerned over popularity of Airbnb

Post by buksida » Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:21 pm

Extracts taken from following article ...

Much ado about Airbnb
Thailand is a popular place to visit and there is strong demand for places to stay, but current laws prohibit owners from renting their private properties at a daily rate on Airbnb.

Airbnb is an online service that allows property owners to rent out their properties directly to end-users, which allows owners to make money off their properties and provides another option for people looking for accommodations.

The value proposition to renters is that landlords/owners with unique properties or properties in unique locations can list their space and renters have an opportunity to share in that unique experience. It allows vacationers to have a "native" or "local" experience that they could not have at fully serviced hotel chains with their more touristy feel.

A growing question on the minds of many, especially in the hospitality industry, is how much Airbnb is going to disrupt the hospitality sector and whether it will lead to the cannibalisation of the professional hotel industry. At a basic level, both Airbnb rental properties and hotels provide the same function -- a clean bed, a roof and shower, but from there the two accommodation services offer different experiences.

Thailand, unlike some other countries, has been far less friendly to landlords listing on Airbnb looking to make extra money through renting unused properties. Understandably, traditional hotel owners want to prevent as much competition as possible. As a result, the Thai Hotels Association has called for legal action to be taken against people offering their properties on Airbnb.

The Tourism Ministry has made it clear that property owners "illegally" renting out their properties to tourists would face the same taxes that "legitimate" hotels are required to pay.

Full article: ... out-airbnb

Thoughts: I have no idea where they pull these ridiculous tourist stats from, just opening your eyes will tell you occupancy is down this year compared to previous. Again Thailand trying to protect big business and the hotel monopolies and stifling the public from trying to make a bit of revenue themselves.
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Re: Thai Hotels Association concerned over popularity of Airbnb

Post by oakdale160 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:48 pm

I hae founda great one in BKK--its the 'Maids quarters" in a luxury condo owned by a lady who is a widow. She is very selectivve and I think that she enjoys the company. At my 2nd ivsit I asked if I could bring my BKK ladyfriend, she said yes and they have become great friends!! She has now taken her listing off Airbnb after being visited by a 'rude official'

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