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Re: Movies on DVD

Post by Homer » Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:33 pm

Yet another Liam Neeson revenge story is the remake of the film I recommended below. For the sake of non Scandi audiences, I expect they'll leave out the pitch black humor of the original. ... 201974390/
Homer wrote:In Order of Disappearance - 2014

Nils is the very definition of both dependable and unemotional. His son dies of a heroin overdose. The police barely pay any attention. Nils investigates. After finding his son crossed a lowest level drug dealer, Nils 'convinces' the dealer to tell him who he works for. Nils works his way up the hierarchy, instigating a war between the local drug lord and his Serbian suppliers because they both think each other is killing their men.

Not your standard revenge movie. There is enough gruesomeness to please a Tarentino fan. But it also has what one reviewer called "a sharp sense of pitch-black Scandinavian humour".

Stars Stellan Skarsgard. You'll recognize him from Good Will Hunting, Ronin, multiple Pirates of the Caribbeans, Avengers and Thors.

In Swedish with subtitles.

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Re: Movies on DVD

Post by buksida » Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:57 am

A few for sci-fi fans which I enjoyed:

A lot of science and linguistics in this rather unusual alien flick.

A bit like 'Gravity' where two people are stranded in space and end up falling in love. Starring the lovely Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games series.

Time loop sciency mind bending stuff with this one, loved it.

Stranger Things
A ten part series set in the 80s, loads of suspense and plenty of nostalgia especially for those born in the 70s!
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Re: Movies on DVD

Post by Big Boy » Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:18 am

I enjoyed the blood and guts of Hacksaw Ridge, which we downloaded a couple of days ago - incredible story. You just have to wonder at how much was real, and how much was made up by Hollywood.
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