Police checking bike licenses

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Police checking bike licenses

Post by Lev » Sat Jan 18, 2003 1:30 pm

A word of warning; the police in Hua Hin are now checking for motorcycle licenses. Last checkpoint was down the Sofitel road.

Another sensible plan by the authorities, fine tourists for not having a Thai bike license (which you can't get without a Non-B visa anyway). Apparently an International license isnt enough. The fine is 100 baht and there were a lot of unhappy tourists in the police station today.

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Post by Bamboo Grove » Sat Jan 18, 2003 1:53 pm

Is there any place where you can "buy" a Thai license? I've heard of people doing these kind of things. I need to use my bike every day, would be really awful if I'd have to go to pay the fine all the time.
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The Bastards got me.

Post by shaneofski » Sat Jan 18, 2003 8:00 pm

Decided to buy the Bangkok Post on the way home from work today so I detoured down from Phetchakasem towards the Sofitel to go to Bookazine.

I was waved down by a cop and didn't fear anything as I was wearing a helmet.... I was even driving with the head light on for extra safety.

The bastards asked for my licence... not a drivers licence for a car, a bike licence!!! 100 Baht the c**ts charged me!



Post by POLIC IN HUAHIN ! » Mon Jan 20, 2003 10:25 am

HI !
daer bamboo grove ;

1/ care fully take a A4 peaper and folded nicly and put 100 bhat not in said of this peaple like that no body can see it from out said .. and keped in said of you parce like ather thing,s ... & wen you face police office of any typ in street & aske you any typ of ducoment spicaly licence .. hand over this peapper to them .. after wen you undrestand that police officer take your mony wit smile in he is face aske hime to give you empty peaper back .. and he give you peaper back .. tray this formula in name of jeses..it well be work i use this licence for long time in diffrent city of thailand ..
2/ in KAOWSON road of bangkok ... in both said of road .. there,s a lot of tabel that the show diffrent typ of card including licence.. now if you want international licence .. theres two typ of international licence .. one .. plastice .. and .. the ather one is like a book .. in thailand police know about plastice licence card .. CAREFULL .. you can take like book with your orginal id .. the iessu place you can writh singapore .. cast you about may be 1000 bhat and valid for 5 year .. or may be 1 year . then you can tray to give this licence to traffice police of prachuab khirakan by help of same friend and take new one for your self .. ,
now becuas you stay in huahin since long time you have to know all secret way of your home to cannect to your work place .. so .. use this secret way or creat it from now ,, you have to know how to go to work or go back to home to not face to traffice ... or you can see your 20 meter wen you see traffice police rihgt a way stop your BIK and locked nicly & start shoping .. & slow slow go far from BIK ..& after come back to pick your bik or send same one els to picked or you can creat new new way to face traffic .. & NEVER..NEVER..NEVER..EVER GIV UP .. lol... C ,, ya .



Post by INFORMATION » Mon Jan 20, 2003 10:39 am

HI ;

this very good thing if you inform each ather about any thing like police traffic .. or same time in near about of NEW YEAR immegration come from bangkok.. and you have to know that now immegration officer stay in wich hotel .. that MR MANIT give them manye or not .. normaly wen immegration come from bangkok manit collect mony by one of he is officer ( realy i forgat name of this pfficer) and pay to immegration who come from bamgkok .. the officer who come from bangkok saty in same hotel .. like HELTON & after one or two day the are go back to bagnkok .. may be the arrest same POOR NEPALI from same tailor shop .. but not FLANG .. any way you have to be CARFULL .. lol... C .. ya

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