Replace or clean PCB for Mitsubishi MUZ-SGH09VA

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Replace or clean PCB for Mitsubishi MUZ-SGH09VA

Post by fft100 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:15 pm


has anyone any experience in buying a new PCB for the air-con ? A gecko has expired in the middle of the PCB in the compressor and his partially decayed remains seem to have 'fused' part of the PCB.

I have searched on Ebay and lazada, but no signs of a PCB for a mitsubishi inverter compressor.

I am now wondering if it would be possible to clean/repair the PCB as I have a feeling this could be a pricy replacement.

Anyone been down this route ?

BTW, I really couldn't think which forum this should go in, so mods, feel free to move.


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Re: Replace or clean PCB for Mitsubishi MUZ-SGH09VA

Post by VincentD » Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:18 pm

Remove the pcb, clean the mess and try reinserting once you're done. If you're lucky it should work. If not just call the Mitsubishi service department, they'll give you an idea as to how much repairs will cost. Just don't tell them about the gecko.

On a side note, lightning fried the circuit board of a rather expensive refrigerator, and I found myself in a situation similar to what you are facing. I removed the board and asked a friend at work who is into electronics if it could be revived. Surprisingly enough, only one component was fried, the replacement was less than 50 baht and at the end of the week that he had had the pcb, I had a working fridge.

Good luck with yours.

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Re: Replace or clean PCB for Mitsubishi MUZ-SGH09VA

Post by buksida » Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:25 pm

Had exactly the same problem, board fried, no chance of repair. Checked prices online and a replacement ranged from $80 to $120. Local a/c guy came out a week later and put a new one in for 2800 baht.

Damn expensive gecko that was. :guns:
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