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HHF linking policy

Post by Lev » Wed Apr 23, 2008 2:12 pm

Since we have had a number of members in a state of confusion over what we allow in terms of links we have compiled this short guide to clarify things. Most of this is already outlined in our T&C however there are still a couple of grey areas.

1) Competing Websites : For obvious reasons we will not allow links to Hua Hin websites or forums that compete with HHF or offer similar services. There are a number of them out there and many have plagiarized our content at some time or other. We do not permit any links to any other forums that have sections regarding Hua Hin, all of the information can already be found here.

2) Real Estate : We do not link to any Hua Hin property websites - we sell advertising and marketing packages to property companies and welcome those who wish to list their properties on our own property website.

3) Hotel Booking : Since we have our own online hotel booking system we do not allow linking to websites that offer identical services. We also do not permit links to sites offering the same services as we do such as taxis, car hire or property rentals - it can all be found here.

4) All other links are tolerated providing they do not fall into any of the above categories. Links are permitted at the discretion of the administrator or the moderators, whenever possible we will PM the poster with an explanation if a link needs removing. We do not expect any complaints over our linking policy however are willing to listen to our members if they feel a misjudgment has been made.


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