TOT Internet Issues - Is it only me?

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Re: TOT Internet Issues - Is it only me?

Post by PeteC » Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:21 pm

Mine seems back to normal now after being slow and unresponsive most of the morning. Pete
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Dannie Boy
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Re: TOT Internet Issues - Is it only me?

Post by Dannie Boy » Thu Mar 08, 2018 2:48 pm

Not sure if there’s a more recent thread about TOT but during the past few weeks we have lost service completely on a Sunday and not been able to get it sorted until the Monday. We pay for the 50 mb fibre service and the guy who came on Monday this week fitted a new router but told us that we can upgrade to 100 mb for no extra monthly fee, but we would need a new router capable of handling the 100 mb speed at a cost of 1,990 baht. I thought I would give it a try so we called into TOT in Cha Am and explained what we wanted to do, the lady fairly efficiently sorted everything out, updated our connection and set the new router up in the office, so all I had to do was bring it home, plug it in and update the password on any equipment we have. I was just getting my wallet ready to hand over the money and the woman asked my wife for 10 Baht - this was al it cost, other than we had to agree to a new 1 year contract starting this week.

If you have the 50 mb fibre service, I would recommend you ask for a similar upgrade. As for speed, I have just tested and got 88.9 download and 44.1 upload.

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