Truevisions PVR s

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Truevisions PVR s

Post by T.I.G.R. » Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:21 pm

I have truevisions PVR service.....but not directly, our service is provided through our condo. Which means I am not an actual Truevisions customer, ergo I can't get Truevisions to talk to me since the conversion to the condo was made last year.

I also can't get any help from the agent the condo uses as their technicians don't know what to do with my problem, which is:

The Truevisions PVR (purchased before switch to condo agent)I got has a Western Digital 500GB e-sata drive which has been "skipping" on replay for some is getting worse. I don't lose any data, by reversing the drive I can recover the skipped video. Sometimes it skips for a few seconds, sometimes it now skips for several minutes so I have to play with it to figure out which way it went, fwd or backward.....the two places I use in Cha Am for computer assistance have told me they can't help me either.

Has anyone enough technical expertise to assist me in fixing this? I would be happy to pay for the help, just don't know where else to go. Purchasing a new drive looks like it would cost about 4,500 baht......and I'm not feeling like I want to give that up again to Truevisions as they won't help me with the one I bought from them already.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide with this.

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