soi 88 picking up on the food scene

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soi 88 picking up on the food scene

Post by crazy88 » Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:43 pm

Things are moving up on the food scene in Nong Pran Puk at the top of soi 88 in recent years so we rarely go to town these days.

We've got.

Seajays. A good all rounder for Thai and western food

Palm Bistro. great relaxing location with superb menu. Not tried the Thai food.

Naab Thong. Great Thai food but opens when she feels like it. A Thai place opposite with the small hair salon that does great Thai food but limited menu. Just know what you want and ask for it.

May's Kitchen. Spot on Indian curries, fish and chips, English breakfast menu, good Thai food. Not tried anything else but all looks good.

Sparks just across the Palau road.

Keng's coffee that does Koh Talu Chumporn coffee ( Map below)

Just opened " Bee's Mum" ( Map below ). Superb seafood ( subject to availability) curries that knock spots of any I have had in a long time. Many other dishes I have not tried yet but they all look fantastic.


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