Pressure mounts on Thai junta over fake bomb detectors

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Pressure mounts on Thai junta over fake bomb detectors

Post by hhfarang » Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:05 pm

"Activists on Monday urged Britain to hand over details of the multi-million-dollar sale to Thailand of fake bomb detectors that led to the detention of scores of innocent people.

British fraudsters Gary Bolton and James McCormick were jailed in 2013 for making millions selling the GT200 and similar devices billed as "magic wands" able to detect tiny particles of explosives or drugs from hundreds of metres away.

The GT200 was in fact a useless home-made plastic box with a radio antenna -- made for a few dollars but sold for between $3,300-$13,000 per unit to governments including Thailand, Mexico and Iraq. ..."

Full story: ... 36017.html
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