Motorists to waterfalls in Hua Hin warned of encountering wild elephants

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Motorists to waterfalls in Hua Hin warned of encountering wild elephants

Post by Geko » Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:30 am

Travellers to Pa La-u waterfall in Hua Hin district of Prachuap Khiri Khan province are warned of possible encounter with wild elephants as the wild animals are now turning to roads to wander for food instead of to the wilderness.
They are now spotted more frequently by motorists driving to the waterfall tourist spot on the rural road from Nong Plab to Huey Satyai, according to Kaeng Kracharn national park officials.

Park rangers said they were concern about the safety of motorists driving to tourist spots in the Pa La-u forest area, particularly this coming weekend which has a five-day holiday period.

They said wild animals were spotted more frequently wandering for food on the rural road which are regularly used by motorists to visit waterfalls in Pa La-u.

A park ranger Sahat Kongsabai cited a recent incident when fast moving unit of the rangers have to use fire crackers to dispel several wild elephants from the road to allow stranded vehicles to pass.

He said these wild animals wandered around on the road both day and night looking for food and fruits thrown on the roadside by travellers.

This was reason why the wild elephants changed their habits from wandering in the forest to the road instead.

He then advised motorists to strictly abide by instructions upon entering the wild elephants while driving on the road.

If they encounter elephants on the road, they must first stop and watch the reaction of the animals, he said.

If elephants walk on road left shoulder, then they are advised to avoid by driving slowly away on the right side.

But if the animal is on the middle of the road, they are advised to wait until it walks away to the roadside.

Significantly, he said, motorists must not give them food, must not blow the horn, must not escalate the car engine and must not flash the headlights.
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Re: Motorists to waterfalls in Hua Hin warned of encountering wild elephants

Post by JamesWest » Fri Jul 15, 2016 2:03 pm

yes on my last trip through the park on my motorcycle a big elephant came out of the forest just as I went past and started moving towards the road in a slow trot. He(?) was very interested in me and just kept walking straight for me and followed me for about 100 yards. It was about 6 pm.

Normally I love animal encounters but the elephant was huge and really was locked on to following me from the moment he came out of the jungle, so I did not take any chances. I kept a safe distance and did not provoke the beast or make any loud noise. My bike is very quiet.
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Re: Motorists to waterfalls in Hua Hin warned of encountering wild elephants

Post by Ginjaninja » Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:41 pm

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