Guidelines to posting news and discussion

Local Hua Hin and regional Thailand news articles and discussion.
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Guidelines to posting news and discussion

Post by Lev » Mon Jul 12, 2004 9:17 am

This is the place to discuss local (Hua Hin) and regional (Thailand) news stories.

If you wish to post news articles please ensure the headline or subject of the post follows that of the article.

Please also cite the source of the article with a link to a news source, facebook and visa forums are not news sources.

This news section gets syndicated onto other websites so we try to keep it as close to news as we can. UK and global news will get moved to Current Affairs, anything else will get moved to the appropriate section.

Please adhere to the following board rules when discussing articles:

The following topics will not be permitted:
- Child prostitution
- Thai monarchy
- Drugs and illegal activities within Thailand
- Politics - will be closely monitored
- Advertising - (if you wish to advertise or promote your website please contact us)

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