Questions on rental accommodation in Hua Hin

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Questions on rental accommodation in Hua Hin

Post by jednakropka » Tue Nov 03, 2015 4:35 am

Hello Everyone,

I would be really grateful for your opinion.
I would like to come to Hua Hin at the end of November,
If I am not able to come in November will I have a hard time finding rental accommodation at the end of first week of January?
I am not sure how high season looks like in Hua Hin.
I will be looking for a simple, reasonable size room, preferably with a balcony within walking distance (15-20min) to the center.
My budget is about 8K baht/month.
If anyone here knows about hotels which offer monthly rentals it would be nice if you could share it. I found some hotels on this site but always something was not right..
Also, I have read (not sure if it`s true) that most foreigners who live there are people about 60 years old or more. Is it right?

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