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Re: HiSea hotel

Post by falanglongtime » Tue Mar 20, 2018 1:03 pm

Just a quick update, was there for 12 nights. Lucky for me the school next door was on holiday most of the time as the 1st two days, they weren't. Very noisy from about 7:30 am. Lovely hotel though with friendly staff.

You have to fill in a form in on entry, that has a stipulation that any guests in your room you will have to pay an extra 500 baht per night. I crossed it out and informed them, that I booked a room for two and that I have many friends in Hua Hin and they would be staying over, and, I had no intention of paying any extra for them. All said very nicely with plenty of smiles etc. No further problems at all.

Next year going back to Thipurai as Hi Sea is too far out of town for me, also the swimming pool is in the shade all day.

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