Builder in Petchaburi warning

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Re: Builder in Petchaburi warning

Post by Name Taken » Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:29 pm

richard wrote:Boilerman, it seems you got stung.

Thailand is riddled with cowboy builders, developers and agents as the UK was some years ago.

I've never been through the process except a small project in Isaan but that was done by the family. However, if I was going to venture down that route I'd make sure the builder had a proven track record and would certainly approach all his previous customers to ascertain whether he was any good at his job.
Another thing people need to keep in mind when dealing with Thais is that Thai people have extremely good diplomacy skills, It's the main reason imho that Thailand is one of very very few countries in the world that has never been colonized. What i'm saying is that Thai people can be very persuasive and convincing(diplomacy skills).

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Re: Builder in Petchaburi warning

Post by boilerman » Sun Mar 08, 2015 8:49 pm

firstly i do not ride a motorcycle, secondly i /we only usually spend 2 months a year in thailand from july to september (this year only one month to tie up the job and bugger off in disgust)

wife said she is ashamed of her nationality. we will try to get the police corruption addressed but i don't hold out much hope. dont even know where/who to complain too. i just want to make sure that no one else gets stuck with this anal cavity

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Re: Builder in Petchaburi warning

Post by wil_he » Mon Mar 09, 2015 6:23 am

Boilerman's post is very important to me as I have yet to find a builder.I recently bought land at Nhong Yao and asked for help on this forum. I am presently in Brisbane and now have a good set of plans to present to a builder.Cannot do much as I am short of the required 10 posts;but I would really appreciate any details on a decent builder.Will be in Cha Am in a couple of months and can't wait to get back;hopefully before the end of the mango season. :wink:

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Re: Builder in Petchaburi warning

Post by christopher1 » Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:59 am

I live in Nong Yao and know/used a good builder. He's that good that he's nigh on impossible to get hold of.
I can verify for this...You can come and see the work he did for me!

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