New House without a pool?

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Mandy with cats
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Re: New House without a pool?

Post by Mandy with cats » Tue May 08, 2018 9:55 am

Takiap wrote:
Tue May 08, 2018 8:09 am
I personally would never consider buying a place with a pool. I have lived in several properties during my life which had pools, and they are just too much hassle. The ones in Thailand are even a bigger hassle because you have to physically brush and vacuum whereas in SA you don't have to.

I should also add that I would never in a million years be willing to buy a property inside a development, which essentially means no communal pool either. If I want to swim, there are a number of pools I can use, but to be honest, I'm much rather nip down the road and swim in the pool Mother Nature has provides, the ocean.

I personally know several people here who are definitely wealthy enough to afford buying a homes with pools, but they chose not to have pools. I also have one friend with a very large and fancy pool that now stands bone dry as it has done for the last ten years or so.

Yes, I know my kids would be happy if we had a pool in our garden, but fortunately, they are free to swim in our neighbor's pool more or less whenever they want.

Also, our friend Mark Zuckerberg has been very successful at the value of pools, particularly among the youth. :twisted: :twisted:

Finally someone understood my point! Also i have young kid and cats, i just worried accident will happen one day when i m busying with the house works

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Re: New House without a pool?

Post by dpd2 » Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:03 pm

There are some houses without pools, it's a matter of choice. A friend of mine is considering selling her house which does not have a pool and wonders whether it was a mistake not to have a pool. However, there are many people like you who don't really want one. She has the benefit of the communal pool opposite her house and it is always quiet and good for visitors. Apart from the general pool cleaning and chemicals/salt costs (probably about 2,000+ per month), they use a lot of water and electricity - probably the largest portion of our electricity bill is the pool - (approx another 2,000/mth). If you want to buy new then you could request no pool and get a rebate as mentioned in other posts. Good luck with finding the perfect place.

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