Baan Phu Thara development

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Ron Allanach
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Baan Phu Thara development

Post by Ron Allanach » Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:07 am

My partner and I who live in Vancouver are seriously considering a move to Hua Hin - he is Thai Canadian.
We live part time for over 15 years in Bangkok but we always like Hua Hin

We noticed a solar eco development that has begun outside the city about ten mins away called Baan Phu Thara and is being produced by the Beecham family that has done 8-10 successful developments in Hua Hin and claims to have an excellent record of integrity and respect in the community.
We also are looking at Red Mountain Riverside and related developments and wonder howl= life is in those neighbourhoods.

Any info would be helpful,

Ron and Ben

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