A hearty topic

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A hearty topic

Post by Pleng » Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:09 pm

The heart is very important in the Thai language...

we don't "understand" things here, things enter our heart (khao jai)
we aren't calm or angry, we have a cold heart (jai yen) or a hot heart (jai roan)
we don't pay for things, we heart money (jai dtang - I'm assuming this is the same jai as in heart but am not 100% sure - open to corrections)
we don't say "it's a shame"[that], we say "the heart is dead" [because of...], or "the heart dies"[because of..](sia jai [waa...])

Anybody else got any more expressions of the heart to add?

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Re: A hearty topic

Post by hhinner » Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:46 pm

Hi Pleng. Consider yourself corrected. The word for "pay" sounds similar to the word for heart but is in fact pronounced in a low tone and slightly longer vowel - ใจ (heart) and จ่าย (pay).

Jai (ใจ) also means "mind" or "spirit". Usually when referring to the organ you would say hua jai (heart), and jit jai for mind.

You're right that jai is used in many ways to express feelings and English is somewhat similar (good hearted, black hearted, heartbroken, disheartened etc.) - sia jai (sorry), jai dee (kind, good hearted), dee jai (glad), jai dam (black hearted, cruel), blien jai (change one's mind) and many others too numerous to mention (or too lazy ).

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