Tri-focal Glasses

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Re: Tri-focal Glasses

Post by hin » Tue Aug 16, 2016 2:36 am

Multifocals = progressive lenses = no line

Bifocals & trifocals are actually separate lenses imbedded for each prescription, so you will see a line between each prescription - 1/ distance, 2/ intermediate (such as looking at notice boars, and computer monitors) and 3/ near (reading) Some opticians can even put mid distance at top edge of the lens for people who use it mostly when looking up.

People with strong prescriptions normally have trouble with progressive lenses. And it is normally people with stronger prescriptions who need trifocals. Especially old people as their eye’s natural lenses have lost their elasticity, so have lost natural focal length correction. And people who have had cataract surgery - which replaces the eye’s natural lenses with plastic implants.

If you cannot get reasonable service or info about optical concerns in Hua Hin, Google Rutnin Eye Hospital in Bangkok. They are a large specialist eye hospital with sophisticated equipment and good ophthalmologists. Highly recommended, very efficient, appointments easy and I have even gone in with no appointment. And their rates are probably more reasonable than anyplace in the world.

I do not buy their glasses tho as they only have plastic lenses and I want glass. Also they have a limited selection of frames. I take my prescription to Siam Optical, Bangkok, on Sukumvit between Soi 21-23. One of the few in Thailand that can still give you glass lenses. Tel: 0-2258-3756 Call them - they can probably tell you whatever you want to know about trifocals.

With my lifestyle, I prefer a 2nd pair of glasses instead of the small 3rd lens in trifocals.

If your eyes are bad enuf to need trifocals you probably prefer an ophthalmologist, not an optometrist. In Thailand, most Top Charoen and other similar dispensaries do not even have optometrists, just technicians.

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Re: Tri-focal Glasses

Post by RCer » Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:22 am

Thanks hin. Great detail. Yes, I do have a strong prescription and cannot use the other options.

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