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New members login and say hello here. Please read our Forum Starter Pack and Terms and Conditions before posting if you are new to this forum.
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Hua Hin Forum Starter Pack

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Hua Hin Forum Starter Pack
Welcome to Hua Hin's only active forum and web board. We have prepared this starter pack to ease you into the community and help with some of the problems that new users often face when joining a large forum. Please take these few simple suggestions as our way of offering some guidance for a smooth introduction and more rewarding experience on the boards.

Our official terms and conditions contain the rules of the forum, please abide by them.

Newly Registered Users
In order to prevent spam, freeloading and abuse all posts by newly registered users will need moderator approval. Once two posts have been made and approved signature, private message functions, and link posting for new members will be automatically be activated, please don't ask about PMs on the board, it is a security setting in the software that cannot be disabled. More information can be found here.

<1> Forum terminology
Here is a list of commonly used forum terminology:
Post: A single message posted onto the board.
Topic: The subject of the message or thread.
Thread: A series of posts/messages in a topic.
Troll: A member often masquerading as another and making posts with the intent to annoy other members or disrupt the forum.
Flaming: Making inflammatory or aggressive posts against other members.
Sticky: A thread that is 'stuck' to the top of the forum list for easier access.
Sub-forum: A sub section of a main forum.
PM: A private message sent via the forum and readable when logged in.
Spammer: A user that posts on the forum solely to get links back to their own website and plug their own product.

<2> Using the correct sub-forum
Please ensure your post/thread is in the correct forum, we have sub categories for each topic so please don't post a question about food in the property section or property in the travel section! We will move threads to the appropriate section when necessary. We do not expect argument when we move topics.

<3> On topic
Please try not to stray off topic when posting on existing threads. Feel free to start a new thread if new subject material arises, existing threads maybe split if they go astray.

<4> Searching
Please take a few minutes to browse through the existing forums before asking your question, chances are it has already been covered ... several times.

<5> Posting photos
You are welcome to link to photos hosted on other websites providing they are not offensive. If you would like to upload photos direct to the forum please use the attachment function below the post window, images must be gif or jpeg format and cannot be over 1500 pixels wide and 500kb file size. A 'how to' guide on posting pictures can be read here.

<6> Links and URL's
Posting links is allowed (once two regular posts have been made and approved) but all links are subject to moderator approval, this has been done to deter spammers and competing websites. All signatures with links are subject to admin approval. What we allow in terms of links can be read here.

<7> Advertising
Please do not post advertorial promotions for your own business, if you wish to advertise please contact us. We can offer advertorials and classifieds for those on a budget and full pages for those wanting a lot of exposure. Recommendations are permitted and welcome providing they do not become repetitive.

<8> Thread titles
Please be descriptive with your thread titles and try to refrain from starting threads titled "where is it?" or "what happened?". If you are searching for something please put it in the title for example "Wireless internet in Hua Hin" as opposed to just "wifi".

<9> News
The News section is only for Hua Hin and Thailand news, any topics and news related to other countries belongs in the Current Affairs section.

<10> Latest topics
You can view all the topics since your last visit by clicking the View posts since last visit link at the top right when logged in, this is the easiest way to catch up on what you've missed.

<11> Visa questions
Please include as much detail as possible when asking questions about visas, this will assist our resident gurus. If possible include your age, nationality, marital status and anything else that may assist in answering your query.

<12> Moderators
Our moderators are Bamboo Grove, Big Boy, buksida, lomuamart, and pharvey. They have been in Thailand and the Hua Hin area for around 60 years collectively and offer a wealth of experience and knowledge, they are there to assist you when needed and keep the board running smoothly. Contrary to popular belief they are human so will also share their opinions on subjects now and then.

<13> About The Hua Hin Forum
HHAD/Hua Hin Forum was started in 2002 to offer information on Hua Hin's nightlife, it has since grown into the town's largest and most-read publication with the only active online community for the area. Today it is part of an internet media network for the region with over 20 websites and in excess of 150,000 monthly readers.

We welcome you aboard and look forward to reading your posts, remember the more you put in the more you'll get out! :cheers:
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