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Post by billrussell » Fri Dec 30, 2005 11:17 am

Hello guys –

I’m new to this board, but I have been visiting Thailand since the 80’s.

As usual pans in Thailand quickly go to hell in a hand basket, as mine have.

I was planning to retire to Pattaya by the end of January, where I could partake in a couple of LBFM’s a week and enjoys life. (I am 64 years old, but still enjoy working and servicing LBFM’s)

I had the typical Pattaya Bar Gil friend, who professed that she loved me, etc. etc. in between asking to send her some more money. This was O.K. as I have had quite a few casual relationships with women over the years, where I provided the lodging and food, and they moved in to service me and do the domestic chores.

As of the first of December, I decided to shut down everything here in the U.S. apply for a 90 day visa, and move…. Who knows or cares how long the Bar girl will stay, as there is always another 100 ready to take their place Very Calloused reasoning.

Then I met online not only a farm fresh girl, it turns out she still owns a farm! She is 46, is widowed, and inherited the family farm about 10 years ago. She presently rent it out, so she has an independent income.

One thing has led to another, and we have agreed to get married this year.

I think that Pattaya is now out of the question, as there are too many distractions (Birds), and I am seriously looking at Hue Hin for us. (I still enjoy looking at the occasional hard body in the Go-Go’s)

My question to you boardies –

Is there an ex pat club or origination there?

Will a U.S. citizen with a Thai wife fit in there?

Is it a better place than Pattaya for this lifestyle?

Any inputs are appreciated.


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