Trying to find a 'nice' bar

Discussion on where to go when the sun goes down in Hua Hin; bars, pubs, clubs, karaoke and general nightlife.
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Trying to find a 'nice' bar

Post by Troon Expat » Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:39 pm

Trying to find a 'nice' bar.

I know that this one of these 'what is the meaning of life' type of question, and everyone has differing tastes, as to what constitutes as nice bar.
In the UK, in times past, there was the 'local', where you could drop in on your own and you would more often than not see at least one familiar face, and the bar staff would recognise you. I know this still exists in some places, but I think it is diminishing.

A television representation of an idealised type of bar was set out in the 80's and 90's of an American bar in Boston, in the television series 'Cheers', where you go in at the end of the day and 'everyone knows your name'. I confess, maybe I am just an old romantic, but I always thought that would have been a truly wonderful bar, if it had really existed.
I have lived in Hua Hin for 4 years, on 6 monthly basis (6 months UK),the only bar that came anywhere close to being a local was 'Manee Bar' on Soi 80. It was mostly an 'afternoon bar', mostly expats, but with constant throughput of tourists which I think prevented staleness. The staff were always exceptionally pleasant and welcoming. Unfortunately Manee sold the bar, and it has changed character completely.
I have tried to find another nice bar, unfortunately without any success.
I would be interested in other people's thoughts.

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Re: Trying to find a 'nice' bar

Post by hhfarang » Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:42 pm

Yeah, there were my two favorites when I first moved there but they both closed after long runs. That was J&B on Nebkahardt road that changed ownership and name about 6 years ago and Billy's in the Bazaar area off the beach road which just recently closed after 12+years of continuous operation. The only other one that I liked is Bernies, still in that same Bazaar area, but it is mostly a golfers bar, which I used to be.

Being a happily married man with a somewhat jealous wife, I needed a bar without bar girls and those two filled the bill until they closed.

If you're a golfer, try Bernie's Inn, otherwise, I found more of what you're looking for outside of the Bintabaht and Soi 80 areas.
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Re: Trying to find a 'nice' bar

Post by HHTel » Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:05 am

Manee's bar is now just round the corner in Hua Na Soi 1 off Soi 112. I live a spit away and as it's 10 secs from my local 7/11 so every trip means a drink in Mannee's..

My real local that matches the qualities you mention is "Tik's" on 112. I call in there most days and the crowd around the bar all know each other. The problems of the world get put to rights on a daily basis. Tony and Tik are excellent hosts. The food is good and (apart from Thai shops) the beer is the cheapest I know. (75 Baht for a large one)

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