Teaching job opportunities outside HH but still local

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Teaching job opportunities outside HH but still local

Post by Spitfire » Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:32 pm

Was just interested in this, not sure exactly where it belongs but will play safe and put it in here rather than the 'South Of Hua Hin' forum, feel free to move if not the right place gents.

We have heard how within HH the opportunities are there but many want to work in the city plus all the crack downs and 'working like a dog' stories and on etc.

What about outside in the surrounding areas/smaller places like Pranburi/Bangsaphan/Paknampran/Pratchuabkirikhan/Cha-Am/Sam Roi Yod etc?

What is the deal?

Positions available or not?

Any good if there are?

Any wise folks been down this road with experience?

Salaries/hours etc?

Just want a picture of what's going on around the area. I'm sure someone will tell me that many might not have the funds for foreign teachers, and if they do, then only one of them but would like to get a few comments.

:cheers: for any replies.
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