New 'Test' for English Language Teachers Proposed

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New 'Test' for English Language Teachers Proposed

Post by Spitfire » Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:39 pm

It seems that the MoE has got a fine new idea to test English teachers in an attempt to improve the quality of student ability....however:

- They fail to realise that most of the half-way decent to OK teachers in LoS have generally already bailed for better places over the last 5-10 years unless they have connections with Thailand. It's not like it used to be 10 years ago...there were a fair few OK teachers around then despite the blaggers too.

- Anyone with a degree in education (which is what they want now) and whom doesn't need to take the new 'test' is likely to be working in another country now earning lots of money and those that have stayed/recently turned up here are going to be in BBK at a school earning a 6 figure salary.

- Attracting anyone with said education degree / degree in the English language or a degree plus a CELTA/DELTA/TEFL will not be tempted to work outside the capital for 30-35k (at best starting salary) a month in Khon Kaen/Korat/Lopburi/Buri Ram or wherever, unless they are beaten into it by their wife who wants to be near the folks.It's not just the salary, it's the city/lifestyle too. It's hard to attract properly qualified people with degrees in education/Masters/PhD's etc. to somewhere even close to BBK like Saraburi or Korat...let alone Buri Ram/Sisakhet etc.

- Introducing a new test may weed out some of the lingering back packers and non native teacher blaggers (not many around now though these days compared to before) but could also bring on a shortage of teachers as many may just bail because it's another hoop to jump through on top of the silly amount that is already such BS in Korea (for example).

- I wonder if they are going to apply the same standards to Thai teachers teaching english which is where the problem really is as there are so many more of them that foreign teachers. I doubt it because most Thai high school teachers would fail such a test.

- Also, ironically, this test they have suggested will be drawn up by the folks at the MoE and they have decided not to use an international template for a teacher test..of which there are many validated/credited ones. So, the same fools that have screwed everything up over the last couple of decades think they are the ones that should write the exam for the teachers...............please!

:banghead: :roll:

Here is the opinion article from the BBK Post - ... ven-begins

Sorry to say it...but they just don't get it on this front. :|
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Re: New 'Test' for English Language Teachers Proposed

Post by Vital Spark » Wed Sep 28, 2016 7:05 pm

Totally agree with what you say, Spitfire.

There's a mini-discussion about the same subject in the thread below. I'm actually using this subject as a topic for my discussion class next week. It'll be interesting to hear from them how they feel about, and their experience of, learning English with a native speaker. There was an good article in the Bangkok Post (written by a Thai) about how he feels about this stupid idea. I gave them a copy of the original article, and this reply to give them food for thought. ... ven-begins

He speaks a lot of sense.

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Re: New 'Test' for English Language Teachers Proposed

Post by PeteC » Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:50 am's the other thread, relevant part starts bottom of page 2. Pete :cheers:

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