Which golf club best for membership????

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Which golf club best for membership????

Post by magsandbilly » Sun May 08, 2016 10:37 am

Being keen golfers, my wife and I are considering becoming members of a golf club in Hua Hin. Looking at the large selection of golf clubs' websites, it seems that each golf club has a different range of memberships on offer. I see that Black Mountain membership is not open to the public and Banyan is around Thb1,000,000 for 20 years - some other courses are significantly cheaper, but may be not so good. Just wondering - based on price, annual green fees, facilities, state of course amongst many other things, which one of all of the many golf clubs, in and around Hua Hin, in your opinion, provides the best overall value for money for husband and wife membership?


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Re: Which golf club best for membership????

Post by heartofmidlothian » Sun May 08, 2016 12:37 pm

Being a member at a club here is not the same as being a member in other countries. It just gives you the right to play golf for free but doesn't actually treat you like a member. You are welcome when the course is quiet but Dec to Feb they try to find ways to make it difficult because they want the money from the tourists. As long as you understand that and accept it you will get a good deal. Black Mountain and Banyan are the only courses that make an effort to keep their courses pristine year round and that is why they cost more.
I am not sure about the costs and the exact deal at other courses but Springfield offers lifetime memberships and you and your wife can both play on one membership and the annual dues are
23 000 baht for 2 people. You have to buy such a membership off another person, not off the golf course. Cost including transfer fee is about 300 000.
Lake view memberships have about 6 years left to run and are going for about 60 to 70000 baht. Annual dues are about 10000 baht each. You would need to buy 2 of these memberships.
Not sure about Palm Hills and Majestic deals.
At the moment Springfield has very little water and hardly any grass on the fairways. Greens and surrounds are good though. I heard Lakeview is dry but better than Springfield.
There are a number of golf societies that play the local courses.

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Re: Which golf club best for membership????

Post by jingjoe » Sun May 08, 2016 1:21 pm

there are a couple of lakeview memberships for sale on the local facebook hua hin buy/sell sites for up to 80 000bht, one person has one for sale at 55000bht!
I also saw a couple of springfields available last week,but not sure of price.

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