Shark attacks in Australia

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Shark attacks in Australia

Post by Nereus » Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:55 pm

There have been two serious shark attacks on the same day in Australia. These sharks are not the "cute" playful little puppies that are being discussed in another thread. These are big fellows that make it clear whos place the ocean is:
Gracetown shark attack: The tail came up, then it rushed at him ... b88807541z

Standing in a tiny beach carpark with his clothes covered in blood, Brett Newland could hardly believe what had just unfolded in front of him.

Minutes earlier, he had called triple-0 after watching a shark circle and then attack surfers at the popular Cobblestones break near Gracetown.

He raced to be involved in the efforts to help the victim.

“A big shark came up among the guys and bit one of them,” Mr Newland said.
“We saw the tail come out of the water and then it rushed at him. They luckily caught a wave on to the reef.”

The shark’s victim — 37-year-old local Alejandro Travaglini — was helped out of the water after catching the wave.
As blood poured from deep wounds on his thighs, other surfers used leg ropes as tourniquets to stem the bleeding.
“He had cuts to both legs, but didn’t appear to be bleeding that badly,” Mr Newland said.
“It’s lucky it wasn’t worse. It was a big enough shark to take a leg.” ... b88808718z

Surfers Gabriel Medina, Italo Ferreira fear for safety at Margaret River after shark attacks

Brazilian surfing heavyweight Gabriel Medina has delivered a devastating assessment of the risk of shark attack in Margaret River, saying he does not feel safe going in the water around the tourist Mecca.

Medina, who was the first Brazilian to win a world title in 2014, told his six million Instagram followers overnight that he did not feel safe training or competing in Margaret River and that he wanted to leave his opinion “before it’s too late”.

The comments from the 24-year-old are a blow to the organisers of the Margaret River Pro, which has been rocked by the dual attacks on surfers yesterday at Gracetown, 12km north of the main event site at Prevelly.

Medina has the biggest following of any professional male surfer on the World Championship Tour – more than superstars Kelly Slater and John John Florence combined. ... b88809482z

Footage emerges of Gracetown shark attack on lone surfer

Dramatic new footage has emerged of the terrifying moment a lone surfer was attacked by a huge shark off Gracetown.
The vision was shot just hours after Argentinian-born Alejandro Travaglini, 37, was mauled at Cobblestones surf break yesterday morning.
It shows Jason Longgrass in the water at Lefthanders break after he continued surfing despite warnings of a large shark in the area.

Mr Longgrass’ mate was filming on his phone from shore as the 4.5m shark struck.

A person then yells: “He’s gone... no he’s swimming, he’s swimming, come on mate chopper’s coming back. Chopper’s coming back.
With the board still in the shark's mouth, Mr Longgrass made a dash for the beach. The 41-year-old was lucky to escape with deep bite mark on his right leg.

The footage shows witnesses running to the water’s edge to help.
One says to him: “You’re a lucky man. Oh my god”.

Speaking after the attack, Mr Longgrass said he slapped the water in a bid to scare off the shark.
“It was just heading straight for me, beelining it straight at me,” he told Seven News Perth.

“I went to slap the water, by then he made a sudden acceleration and just nailed the board.
“It wasn’t looking at me it was looking at the board.”

Two surfers were attacked in separate incidents by suspected great whites on WA's southwest today.

A white pointer and two tiger sharks today followed a whale carcass as it was towed away by fisheries officers from a WA beach near where the surfers were attacked.

Mr Longgrass remains in Bunbury Hospital tonight while Mr Travaglini is recovering in Royal Perth Hospital after undergoing surgery yesterday.

No one is certain if the same shark was responsible for both attacks but fisheries are examining the victim's boards to see if the bite marks match.
At this stage they say the shark will not be hunted but beaches in Gracetown remain closed today.
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Re: Shark attacks in Australia

Post by handdrummer » Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:11 pm

The sharks are getting even for all the hunting that's gone on.

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