Malaysia Airlines dumping Darwin. Australia.

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Malaysia Airlines dumping Darwin. Australia.

Post by Malzy » Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:29 pm

I live in Darwin and just today we are told Malaysia Air is stopping there direct return flights to/from KL and Darwin. I flew with them to BKK May 2016, more empty seats than occupied on the KL-Dar-KL sections,would definitely use them again, I suppose Darwin people have a few doubts about them. Probably the reason they are dumping Darwin.
A shame actually as no one was cramped I had three seats to myself for the longest legs of trip.
This town has a small population and are limited to airlines servicing us.
Our territory gov is now frantically trying to urge a Chinese Airline here,
now thats an airline I would be doubtful about.

Cheers Malzy

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