One-stop tourist services planned at provincial airports

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One-stop tourist services planned at provincial airports

Post by buksida » Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:20 pm

The Department of Airports will add tourist service centres at its 29 provincial airports to boost travel by providing tour packages, accommodation bookings and others services visitors might need.

Darun Sangchai, director-general of the department, said on Tuesday that his department, together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, would develop the "tourist airports" to provide visitors with convenient services, boost tourism, and promote local economies.

According to him, the tourist airports will have booths of services including discounted tour packages, rental cars, accommodations, and Wi-Fi, as well as shops of souvenirs and local products.

"Holidaymakers can arrive at such airports without having to plan their trips in advance because relevant services will be available there," Mr Darun said.

The project would begin at the airports of Buri Ram, Nan, and Ranong provinces thanks to their potential and local tourist attractions, Mr Darun said. Later, it can expand to 26 other provincial airports.

Apart from increasing the number of tourists in regions, the project should encourage airlines to introduce more domestic routes and flights to provincial airports, he said.

Source: ... l-airports
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Re: One-stop tourist services planned at provincial airports

Post by RCer » Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:09 am

It looks like he's talking about government run operation. How does that help local economy?

It seems to me local vendors, not nationwide, would benefit the local economy.

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Re: One-stop tourist services planned at provincial airports

Post by brianks » Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:04 am

I don't know what their talking about. Its already happening. At the very rural Nakhon Si Thammerat nearest to where I live there have been a whole host of services crop up there over the past three years. Can get anything from car rental, taxi to transport to Koh Samui as there are many options offered there now that were not there a few years ago. Thai businesses are not dumb and will go where the business it and it is plainly now at the local airports with the rediculously cheap flights taking of and landing there.

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