*Gone* 2 Bicycles - Free but in need of a little TLC *Gone*

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*Gone* 2 Bicycles - Free but in need of a little TLC *Gone*

Post by Big Boy » Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:21 pm

These 2 bikes are about 5 years old. Originally purchased to go riding with my son, but he never has time for bike riding, and I'm terrified on Thailand's roads alone on a bike.

They've hardly been used, so have rusted a little - nothing a bit of TLC, a duster and a drop of oil wouldn't cure - I think.

The blue bike was quite expensive (not crazy expensive, but not cheap). It is fully adjustable, but easily carried my 6' 5" overweight body. The other bike was my son's - more of a budget bike, but still fully functional. My son has ridden both bikes up and down our Soi tonight, so they are still in working condition, but in desperate need of a drop of oil. We even have a little oil that the collector can use before riding off into the sunset.

Mrs BB wants the space. I know I could probably sell them, but its too much hassle - I just want them gone. So anybody who would like one or both, please PM and we can arrange collection.
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Re: 2 Bicycles - Free but in need of a little TLC

Post by Takiap » Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:43 am

Hi Big Boy

If you still have them I would be very grateful if I could take them for my oldest two girls.

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