Dizzy Dinner in Bangkok

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Dizzy Dinner in Bangkok

Post by Nereus » Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:14 pm

Dinner that's out of this world

https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/specia ... this-world

Even sceptics will be won over by the quality of food in Bangkok's very own restaurant in the sky

No, it wasn't terrifying. No, the dining station didn't sway. No, there's no glass shell nor safety bar between you and the space around you. And yes, the food was good.
I've repeated those statements countless times since my Dinner in the Sky flight landed on Sukhumvit Road last Friday evening.

My subject of review this week is a pop-up restaurant basically consisting a rectangular table and 22 chairs that encircle a chef's platform underneath a glass roof. Yet, instead of operating on solid ground, the whole structure is suspended by slings from a crane that lifts it 50m above the Earth's surface, allowing guests the freedom of eating in the air.

While a great number of onlookers wonder whether the height (equivalent to a 12-floor building) affects your taste buds, others prefer to leave it as an extravagance reserved only for the super audacious, rich and perhaps stupid.

Putting all the criticisms aside, I, as an invited food writer to observe it first hand, found Dinner in the Sky nothing but a fun and price-worthy dining experience.

The concept was developed in Belgium 10 years ago and has operated in 45 countries including Denmark, France, Finland, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan, the Netherlands and the US.

This inaugural pop-up in Thailand was launched a week ago in Bangkok and will run daily until Feb 28. Of a total of 2,500 seats available during the seven-week operation, two thirds have already been booked.

Culinary-wise, Dinner in the Sky offers -- through a 60-minute-long affair -- a 4-course fine-dining meal prepared by executive chef Gaetano Palumbo from Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, the project's official partner.

Guests get to choose their choice of beef, chicken, seafood, lamb or vegetarian prior to the flight.

The first course was represented by a neat platter of Angus beef carpaccio with Parmesan espuma and frisée salad.
Crabmeat and tomato gazpacho were served as the soup course. While for main course, options included braised beef short rib with purple yam mash and pan-fried butterfish with sea asparagus and saffron cream sauce. All were truly satisfying in terms of presentation, portion size, taste and temperature.

The dinner was wrapped up lusciously by vanilla panna cotta with berries and matcha green tea ice cream.
My 21 dining companions and I were gleefully attended to by chef Palumbo and his two kitchen crew members. And just like at an upscale restaurant, each dish was presented proudly with a brief explanation of the produce and preparation, while our drink glasses were always kept full.

Mineral water (still and sparkling) was included in the meal but alcoholic beverages come at extra cost and must be ordered in advance.

Safety-wise, the whole system was designed and produced in Belgium according to strict German specifications and has surpassed world-leading TUV-accredited standards. So far it enjoys a zero accident record.

The 200 tonne telescopic crane used in suspending the restaurant in the air was also imported from Europe and is regularly inspected and tested by professionals. It operated so smoothly that without looking away from my food I didn't know I was moving. The dining platform also spins slowly so that diners can enjoy different vistas.

During the flight, guests (you must be at least aged 18) are securely strapped to the bucket-seat chairs by a multi-point safety harness. The chairs can, however, lean forwards and backwards, as well as making a 180-degree turn. That added a lot more comfort and a pleasant thrill to the experience.

Only mobile phones and cameras are allowed at the table. Other belongings, such as a purse and backpack, must be kept in a locker at the reception lounge downstairs.
Don't worry if, while up in the air, you drop cutlery or your shoes or your phone. Worst case is you break them and not someone's head. The restaurant is floating above its own private empty space entered into only be its crew.

And you won't feel an urgency for the toilet either -- believe me. But if that ever happens, the ride from the peak spot down to the ground should take less than a couple of minutes.

Helping to ensure our safety were two uncompromising security technicians at each end of the table. Though looking tough and determined, they were helpful and friendly.

Our dinner was enlivened by a hit music playlist, the likes of Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars.
Dinner in the Sky runs from now until Feb 28. It is located in the EmSphere project's ground between the Emporium shopping centre, Benjasiri Park and Dinosaur Planet.

Two flights are offered daily. The Sunset flight takes off at 6pm and the City Light flight at 7.30pm. Prices are 4,990 baht per person on weekdays and 5,390 baht per person on weekends.
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