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Re: Europe travel

Post by dundrillin » Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:01 pm

I would say Italy is a must. Rome and Venice are stunning,Florence also. Naples takes you near Capri, also the ruins of Pompeii. On the downside, pickpockets in Rome are notorious, my wife had her watch stolen from her wrist and did not realise it until later- they are very skilled. Tourist traps can be very expensive i.e. Gondola in Venice £55 each for a short trip. But the sights are truly awesome.

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Re: Europe travel

Post by Homer » Fri Jun 22, 2018 7:15 pm

When can you go, or want to go? Climate, high season crowds with high season prices can affect your enjoyment. So could going during a month when most of the locals are on holiday.

What's your budget? Mixing a lower cost country with a higher cost one means not having to cut corners in both.

Where to go? Start by naming the ones that first pop into mind. There's a reason they're at the top of your mind. Or start by naming the sorts of things you want to do/see/eat/drink the most - then find cities or countries that do those best.

I've taken 8 trips to Europe, or Europe plus adjacent, between Spring of 2013 and 2 weeks ago. Here are some practical tips.

Consider an Open Jaw ticket, that is, fly to city A, come home from city B on the same airline. Fly, bus or train between the 2 cities, preferably with interesting destinations between.

Trains were far more convenient than planes in Spain and Portugal. Flying Stuttgart to Amsterdam was substantially less expensive than the train. Never bothered comparing other 3 hour+ flights to trains. Best source for all things train: is good for initial ideas how to get between destinations.

For destinations where cruise ships stop, it's much better to be there on days when none are in port compared to days when ships combine to spew 15,000 people. Google 'cruise ship port load'.

Three ways to fly to Europe. First is a lonnng overnight non-stop to your destination, or then a short flight to it. Minimum fuss, maximum time cramped in a plane. Second is via the middle east. Leave BKK at 1 or 2 am, then 6 hours later interrupt your sleep and confuse your body clock with a 3 hour layover. Third option is my favorite. Daytime non-stop 11 1/2 hr flight to Vienna on Austrian Airlines. Stroll during the evening, stay a night, then a 3 - 3 1/2 hr flight to most places in Europe. Arrive refreshed.

Venice? It is FAR better to stay on the island than be a day tripper, because you can be out and about before and after the day trippers. It's also far more expensive. The well located budget places fill up many months in advance. That leaves the budget places in the parts of Venice that are not much like the Venice tourists envision.

No idea what your interests are. Mine took me to Stuttgart. Why? Both Porsche and Mercedes have museums and factory tours.

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Re: Europe travel

Post by STEVE G » Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:30 pm

No idea what your interests are. Mine took me to Stuttgart. Why?
An excellent beer festival!

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