Animal abuse Thailand

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Re: Animal abuse Thailand

Post by Vital Spark » Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:05 am

Sorry to hear about your story, Takiap. That must have broken your heart.

We vowed never to have a dog here after our lovely pet (Rubble) decided he didn't like the move we made from Hua Hin to Nakhon Pathom, escaped from our garden, and got run over on the big highway. I think he was trying to get back to the place that he knew and loved. When we rented our current property it came with a dog. Not much we could do about it. She died about 18 months ago, but another stray dog turned up in our garden just ready to replace her. No, no! I don't want another dog - they just keep breaking my heart. It wasn't our choice, she chose our place to be her home. Both Mr.VS and I are softies, and didn't have the heart to throw stones or sticks at her to move her on. Where would she go? So, we've now got another one. She's hugely protective of both of us and gets food from us and the old folks' home next door. I've just got to somehow train her to get into the car, so that I can take her to the vets to get fixed - don't need puppies.

When it comes to burials, we bury our dogs in the garden (there was another one who turned up and then died...). We're lucky to have a large enough garden that we can find space for a burial site, but we put enough soil on top and bits of stone to stop the local monitor lizards from digging them up!

I do wish that the locals would take responsibility for their animals - whether they're dogs, horses, or whatever. They seem to have this stupid belief that animals don't have feelings or needs.

"Properly trained, man can be a dog's best friend"

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Re: Animal abuse Thailand

Post by DearMartin » Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:27 pm

noted that elephants in Thailand are being abused to satisfy tourists, it would be necessary to sensitize as many people as possible

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