Getting dual citizenship and transfering land ownership

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Re: Getting dual citizenship and transfering land ownership

Post by GroveHillWanderer » Sun Jul 15, 2018 12:27 pm

handdrummer wrote:
Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:17 pm
Also, to obtain Thai citizenship you must speak, read and write Thai fluently and sing the National Anthem and King's Song.
Not according to everything I've read about this. There is a points system and you need to have a minimum of 50 points out of a possible 100 to be eligible for citizenship. Here is the breakdown of the points taken from information I found online:

1 Age & Education 25 (Age 10, Education 15)
2 Security of Profession 25
3 Residence in Thailand 20
4 Knowledge of Thai Language 15
5 General Knowledge about Thailand 10
6 Personality 5
Total 100

1. Residency. A perfect 20 requires 10 years with all PR documents. 5 years' residence but without PR gets you the minimum of 5 points. 10 points for 5 years with PR and 15 points for 7 years with PR. (Nil for time with only non-imm visa and work permit.)

2. Thai language. 8 points for being able to speak and understand Thai, 2 points for being able to sing the National and Royal Anthems, 2 points for being able to read Thai and 3 points for being able to write it.

3. Age and education. 10 points for being aged 41 to 50, 8 for being 51 to 60, 5 for being over 60 or 31 to 40 and 2 for being 20 to 30. Education points: up to Mor 6 or Por Wor Chor 3 points; equivalent to Higher National Diploma or Junior College 5 points; Bachelors Degree 8 points; Masters Degree 10 points; PhD 15 points.

4. Security of profession. 25 points are awarded for salaries over B100k for those with no relationship with Thailand and B60k for those with Thai wives or children and graduates of Thai universities. 15 points are awarded for a salary of 80k for those with no relationship with Thailand and B40k for those who have one.

Ability to speak and understand Thai (along with knowledge of Thailand which you have to demonstrate in an interview conducted in Thai) counts for a lot of points and certainly anyone who didn't speak any Thai would have an uphill struggle. In the past, it it's true that as part of the requirement to show knowledge of Thai culture and society, some people were asked to sing the songs you mention but it is not a mandatory requirement and only counts for 2 points.

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