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Restaurants, food, beverage, hawkers, and local markets and suppliers. This is the place for discussion on Hua Hin's culinary options.
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Re: The Beer Thread

Post by handdrummer » Sat Jun 30, 2018 3:26 am

In the US, the major breweries, Bud, Miller, Coors, are buying up all the craft breweries they can get their slimy hands on.

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Re: The Beer Thread

Post by Pleng » Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:29 am

caller wrote:
Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:25 pm
Pleng wrote:
Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:07 pm
caller wrote:
Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:07 pm
Other Thai / Cambodian low volume micro brewery beers are now widely available.
Are any of them brewed locally? Or are all of them brewed abroad an imported?
I'm no expert, but it's my understanding the corporate interests of Singha and Chang are protected by law and the tax imposed on small independents, so some have crossed the border to brew their beer then import it back in. Happy to be corrected on that.
Yes, that's how I understand the situation, too. Most of the "Thai" craft beers I've seen have been brewed in Australia! :)

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Re: The Beer Thread

Post by caller » Sat Jun 30, 2018 3:03 pm

Now this is what you call a micro-brewery - Butts in Great Shefford, West Berks.

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