Quiet nightlife in Hua Hin

Discussion on where to go when the sun goes down in Hua Hin; bars, pubs, clubs, karaoke and general nightlife.
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Post by JamesWest » Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:34 pm

Please state your age, sex and nationally for more detailed info.

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Re: Nightlife

Post by lincslad » Mon Sep 14, 2015 3:49 pm

Chromeman wrote:clownfish, when you go past 10 regular posts, you will get access to a sub-forum where questions like that might be more appropriate... ;-)
After 10 regular posts do you get automatic access ?

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Re: Quiet nightlife in Hua Hin

Post by aldo5 » Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:07 pm

Why not try it for once, it is a good alternate to Patty and Bangkok.

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