Commercial washing machines

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Commercial washing machines

Post by Nereus » Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:13 pm

It is surprising what one sometimes stumbles across in Thailand. I gave up doing my own laundry some time ago, as I live alone and it is PITA, especially ironing. I have also posted previously about a rip off laundry that I had been using in Hua Hin. Found a new laundry that did a reasonable job without breaking the bank, only find that they have closed for 2 weeks!

A lady directed me to a new place in Soi 88. Went there to drop off my crap and found that they have the Rolls Royce, or Cadillac if your from that part of the World, Pellerin Milnor washer extractors. Also big commercial dryers, although I did not notice the make. These things are the be all and end all of washing machines. We used them on Offshore Oil Rigs many years ago, and they were the only machines that would stand up to the constant heavy use, and the actual environment conditions.

Friendly helpful girl that was only too happy to carry the stuff from my car parked outside. Her price's are about half the place that ripped me off to boot!

This is the machine agent, NOT the laundry: ... 1&typeID=2
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