16 year old kid shot dead in Naresdamri Road

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16 year old kid shot dead in Naresdamri Road

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Reports in local media state that a 16 year old boy was shot dead in Naresdamri Road at 10pm last night. A second young man was wounded. Culprit, who is thought to be known to the victims has not yet been arrested.

A dispute that started on Facebook resulted in a 16-year-old teenager being shot dead in Hua Hn on Thursday night (March 7).

The incident, which also left another person seriously injured, unfolded on Nares Damri Road in the municipal area of Hua Hin.

The victim’s mother was said to be in inconsolable grief over the loss of her son.

The altercation began when Mr. Din, a local teenager, became embroiled in an argument on Facebook over derogatory remarks made about his sister. The online disagreement led to a face-to-face meeting intended to resolve the conflict. However, the situation took a deadly turn, culminating in gunfire.

Hua Hin Police Station received reports of a shooting involving teenagers just after 10pm on Thursday. Upon arrival at the scene, officers discovered Mr. Din deceased and another individual, Mr. S, aged 18, with a critical chest wound. The injured were promptly transported to Hua Hin Hospital for urgent care.

Eyewitnesses recounted the events leading up to the incident, detailing how an attempt to address the Facebook dispute in person escalated into a violent confrontation.

Mr. Ken, a 16-year-old survivor, explained that he and his friends were confronted by the perpetrator while on a routine errand. Despite an initial belief that the matter had been settled, a confrontation ensued, resulting in shots being fired.

The immediate aftermath saw the distraught family of Mr. Din, including his sister and mother, arrive at the scene, expressing profound grief over their loss.

Police Major General Kampnanat Na Wichai of Hua Hin Police Station confirmed that an investigation is underway, with efforts focused on identifying and apprehending the suspect. The discovery of the blue Honda Click motorcycle, believed to be used by the assailant and found abandoned nearby, has been seized as evidence.

Authorities are now working to gather further information and evidence to support the issuance of an arrest warrant for the suspect, whose identity and age remain unknown. The forensic police and a medical examiner are also conducting thorough examinations to analyze the injuries and bullet trajectories.

The incident happened in downtown Hua Hin close to the entrance to Hua Hin fishing pier, in an area frequented by both locals and tourists.

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