Fishermans Restaurant

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Fishermans Restaurant

Post by dundrillin » Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:43 pm

I dined at the new Fishermans Restaurant last night. It is located just along from the restaurants on the pier. It is run by a Frenchman and I found it excellent. I ordered a rump steak and it arrives just seared, on a hot stone and you leave it to cook as you like it. Quality was very high. House wine was good. Steak was 450 baht. Comes with good choice of potato dishes,salad and fresh bread.

Frank La Rue
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Re: Fishermans Restaurant

Post by Frank La Rue » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:47 pm

Dundrillin, thanks for this.

I usually go to HH every ear and one of the nights we eat at one of the outdoor fish restaurants at the pier. Often it is with wife's family, in 2016 it was with another family who are friends of ours in Norway, the wife/mother is from Cambodia married to a Norwegian.
Interestingly she and my wife have to speak Norwegian together, as I have learned the surroudning counties in South East Asia do not at all understand each other........
On a side note, as a Thai my wife should not really socialize with Cambodians I am told, as Thais apparently look down on them (see separate thread about rasism in the Far East - an interesting topic in its own right)

I am flying out to LOS in 2 weeks time, I'll see if we get to try your recommendation!
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